Maadho is a leading manufacturing and distribution platform dedicated to providing supply-chain solutions to the Healthcare, Retail, and Services sectors. Our unique operating model consolidates manufacturing, import/export, logistics, and distribution processes, making Maadho a one-stop shop for sourcing services


Our product portfolio spans across hundreds of supply categories with a focus on Medical, Retail, Safety, and Food-Service offerings. Our global distribution is backed by 5+ domestic distribution centers strategically located across the U.S. and 20+ international facilities

Our Story


Since our inception in 2018, we have expanded our global operations and are the trusted sourcing partner for organizations with medical, disposable, and retail supply & sourcing needs. Maadho is spun-off from a 20-year old family-run garment manufacturing entity focused on the production and distribution of non-woven disposables for healthcare, food-service, and safety use


There are thousands of suppliers with extended distribution networks in the market, that affect the quality of products and result in delays in supply. At Maadho we aimed at addressing this problem by strategically combining global manufacturing & domestic distribution to eliminate the requirement for intermediary suppliers and strengthen direct relationship with our end-clients


We are proud to announce that all of our contracted-manufacturing facilities are FDA, CE, and ISO 13485 registered and certified by independent testing agencies. Additionally, Maadho is a FDA registered importer with an update to date registration

Quality Assurance Program


Our in-house and contracted-manufacturing facilities are fully FDA, CE, and ISO registered and certified by independent testing agencies. Maadho is a FDA registered importer with a service team fully dedicated to product quality, testing, and regulations monitoring. Our FDA registration information
can be found on the FDA website below