Disposable Products
20 Years of experience

Maadho: Your Chief Manufacturer, Distributor,
And Supplier Of Quality Disposable Goods

From paper and plastic Food Service items to Eco-Friendly customized products, Maadho is the most dependable global supplier of usable goods for your corporation. We have risen to become our customer’s trusted companion in manufacturing products with high impact.

With a strong focus on product excellence and customer satisfaction, we invite you to get high-quality eco-friendly food disposables and packaging products at the lowest possible prices.

A New Dimension Of Supplies And Service

We are your number one manufacturing and distribution platform, committed to providing comprehensive supply-chain solutions for the Healthcare, Retail, and Services sectors. Our distinctive operational model streamlines manufacturing, import/export, logistics, and distribution processes, positioning Maadho as a complete sourcing destination—plus, we aim to be as eco-friendly as possible with our Zero Plastic initiative and biodegradable food service products

Our expansive product portfolio covers dozens of supply categories, with a strong focus on product excellence and customer satisfaction. Supported by 5+ domestic distribution centers strategically located across the U.S. and 20+ international facilities, our global distribution network ensures efficiency and reliability. 

We are able to fully customize products to meet your needs, and we have helped thousands of customers cut procurement costs—our global presence positions us to distribute high-quality products directly to those who need them.

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Who We Are

Since 2018 we’ve embarked on a global expansion journey, emerging as the most trusted sourcing partner for organizations seeking medical, disposable, and retail supply solutions. Maadho evolved from a 20-year-old family-run garment manufacturing entity, specializing in the production and distribution of non-woven disposables for healthcare, food service, and safety applications.

In a market overcrowded by numerous suppliers and intricate distribution networks, Maadho was conceptualized to address the key challenges that compromise product quality and affect delivery timelines. Our strategic integration of global manufacturing and domestic distribution eliminates intermediaries, strengthening direct relationships with our end clients. Maadho works directly with you, intimating the process to ensure you recieve exactly what you want.

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Verified And Tested

We take immense pride in the fact that all our contracted manufacturing facilities hold FDA, CE, and ISO 13485 registrations, verified by independent testing agencies. Moreover, Maadho is a FDA registered importer, maintaining an up-to-date registration status.

Experience Maadho’s Uncompromising Quality

Maadho is dedicated to constructing a more sustainable ecosystem that benefits everyone. Our unique products assist millions of people in Hospitality and Healthcare services, from restaurants to hospitals.

Maadho produces a wide range of end products across key materials including paper, PLA, polyethylene, sugarcane, fiber pulp, bamboo, and agave. Our products are highly-rated for their environmental friendliness by being compostable. Our reputation  is built on our reliability as a destination for quality products.

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